Friday, January 16, 2009

Library Time!

Um, yeah, so I stink at this. It has been hard for me to stay motivated about blogging. It's not that I don't have things to's just that I get so busy, and once you let a few things slide without a blog it just begins an avalanche! Plus, my poor camera is MIA...I keep thinking it will just pop up, but to no avail. For some reason I have a hard time thinking people care about what I have to say so much as they just want to see the pictures! Anyway, not gonna pressure myself to catch everyone up on the last few months, and just focus on what's on my mind toady...which freaking awesome the library is!

Okay, seriously, much do you really take advantage of your local library. Okay, I get not everyone shares my complete and utter LOVE of reading, but surely there is something you like to read and the library is sure to have it (even if that something is just latest issue of your fav magazine)! I have found that the Central Arkansas Library System has an online members login where you can peruse the catalog and request your selections from home. Granted I have to do a little research before hand to figure out the specifics of what books I would like to request. I usually peruse sites like goodreads, amazon, and the New York Times book review section to find books that look interesting. Anyway, so you just find them in the catalog and no matter which branch they are at all you have to do is press request and your local library as your pick-up location and ta-da a couple days later they will have it waiting behind the counter for you to pick up! It's awesome!

As most everyone knows, Liv is a tiny little version of me, and the poor thing has inherited most all of my dorky qualities. She is definitely the only person I know who's enthusiasm for reading might be on par with my own (except for my mom...hmmm, interesting). I think she gets more hyped about a trip to the library than a trip to toys 'r us...and why wouldn't she. She gets to pick out like 4 new books and a couple of dvds everytime. When I first realized you could get kids dvds at the library I felt like I had hit the jackpot. Now most every Mom knows what it feels like to take your preschooler to the movie rental place and all they really want is the crappy dvd with three episodes of Dora the Explorer on it. I always just felt so irritated to pay at least $3 a pop for dvds of something I don't even like to watch on the cable tv I already pay for! Anyway, now, when she holds up the box containing all the Spongebob Christmas episodes I can smile, say "sure!", and mean it. Oh, and the dvd selection is not just limited to children. There are some really good grown-up dvds too. I tend to gravitate towards renting their fitness dvds and old television episodes (stuff like sex and the city, sopranos, etc).

Anyway, I know I am starting to sound like an advertisement and a PSA all in one, but I really do love the library. I just feel like we get so much entertainment for free. So, anyway, check it out!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

He does what???

Liv's teacher, Mrs. Runder, saw Hyland on his way to class up at UAMS the other day. When she asked Liv if her Daddy-Hy worked up at the hospital Liv quickly replied, "No. He does drugs up at the Kroger!" (Hyland works in the Kroger pharmacy.) Funny stuff.

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School Blues

Today was Liv's first day of "big girl" school. When I say "big girl" school I mean, it's public school, they wear uniforms, and take attendance. There is no Tuesday Thursday option, or even a half day option. I am not allowed to keep my baby home on Friday just cause I miss her and want to spend the day goofing off together. In fact all this "big girl" school business is making me realize that my baby is no longer a baby! She is in fact a big girl. It's not just a line anymore..."Okay, let's act like a big girl today". She really truly is a big girl, and it is absolutely breaking my heart.

So, yes, I am having a very unexpected break down with this whole first day of school thing. Liv, however, is acting totally cool, and very much like the big girl she is! When I dropped her off this morning she was very excited to play with the other kids. No crying, no whining, no asking me to stay, not even an extra long hug. And I must say she is absolutely the cutest in her little uniform with her red mary janes! She says her favorite part of school is her teacher Ms. Runder and her new friends she has made. Her "school family" is called the Runder Rockets and they do cute things like give each other "firecracker high fives" and have cute little songs to sing with every type of activity.

Anyway, I am so proud of her, but somehow this whole school thing feels like the end of a really special part of her childhood that I am really going to miss. Yes, I know that this is all going to be a lot of fun too, but it still stings. Okay, I am going to stop my boo hooing now and take a trick from Liv and be a "big girl" about all of this!

Friday, June 27, 2008

One Big Post!

Okay, so yes, I have been a terrible blogger! It is my new resolution to get better at this! The things is, life has just been so full and busy, I find it hard to find time to sit down at the computer. Anyway, updates... here are all the things I could have blogged about in the last few months and plan on trying to get in to post some of the pics from each really soon.

First up, summer vacation. This year Hy, Liv, and I all headed down to Florida with Hyland's family. It was absolutely beautiful, fun, relaxing, and all that good stuff. It was Liv's first time to the beach and by the end of the week she was really loving playing in the ocean.

Second, Liv's 4th birthday. I think Liv's birthday this year was one of the most successful birthday parties we have had. We love going to Travelers games (minor leauge baseball team here in LR) as a family. So earlier in the summer Liv decided she wanted to have her birthday at a game. It was very low key and small but we had a great time. Liv got to get on the field and race the bases with Shelley (the team mascot). Shortly before they took the field Liv looked up at this giant moose mascot and said very sweetly, "You're going down". It was too funny.

Third, WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! This is the number one main reason I have been so busy! Between working to pay for a house, house hunting, running around getting everything the bank needed to let us buy a house, and actually fixing up the house, moving, and getting settled things have been crazy. Did I mention we LOVE our house?

Okay, so there is a mini-recap of the last few months. Like I said earlier I plan on posting pics of all said events...just as soon as our little office area gets fully set up. In the mean time if you want to know what is up with us feel free to stop buy for a cold beverage on our fabulous deck if you happen to live locally. If you are an out-of-towner...well, we have a spare bedroom now so please come for a visit! Just make sure to bring your painting clothes ;-)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

This is a thank you post to everyone who made my birthday so wonderful! Granted I had to work the night before and the night of so I spent aproximately 13 hours of the actual day working and 6 hours of it sleeping, but somehow it still turned out to be great. The kids at work colored me pictures, painted my nails, and made me a bunny necklace. It was so sweet! My mom sent me a beautiful boquet of my favorite flowers (irises). My good buddy Tasha brought me an ice cream cake to work (YUM!). My hubby and Liv bought me a new awesome pair of jeans, and my girls went in together and bought me a new wok so that I can cook all kinds of fancy asian dishes. All the rents sent monies which was promptly turned into new clothes! All in all being 28 isn't that bad. I have an awesome family, great friends, and a job where I get to play Candyland with cute kids. Life is good (=

Monday, March 17, 2008

Snow and Daffodils

I love Arkansas. Really I do! The only thing is...well, this crazy weather kills me! I am really trying to take it in stride this year, though. I mean, it is almost comical that just last weekend we were having snow and this weekend we were headed to the daffodil festival. Both were great photo ops so I just thought I would share!

Liv and Hyland cheesing it up at breakfast.

Yes, those are socks on her wouldn't buy new gloves after February either!

Liv and Sam having a snowball fight.

Our Little Family


Liv n Me

Liv counting her flowers

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Things have been crazy busy around our little home. I really think this is the first week in a while that neither Hyland, Liv, or I are sick! Anyway, I have been hearing the rumblings going on about my lack of posts as of late so I thought it was time I got on here and gave everyone an update on my teeny little family!

Liv is doing great! She is getting so big it makes my heart hurt a little. I almost brokedown in Target the other day when I realized I don't have to go to the baby section to buy her one single thing anymore! She even uses grown up bowls and forks!

Anyway, she is really in to puzzles lately. We're not talking "baby puzzles" either. We have bought out all the little 24 piece puzzles I can find, and she tends to get them done in about 2 minutes. The next step up, as far as I could find, was a 150 piece Disney Princesses puzzle. I, of course, worked it with her, but I was completely amazed at how well she could hold her own on it. She would see a piece across the table, know it was part of Sleeping Beauty's skirt, turn it just the right way and then place it. I know I am probably partial, but I really think the kid has some seriously advanced visual-spatial skills.

Hyland is just moving right along with pharmacy school. I think he has really found his thing. I mean, it all just seems to come so naturally to him, and how an understanding of pharmicokinetics could ever come naturally to someone is beyond me! Oh yeah, and he really thinks it all interesting!

Since I have started working night shift Hyland has been absolutely wonderful with helping out around the house and with Liv while I try to adjust to my new zombie-like state. I think the fact that he is getting to spend more alone time with Liv is really great for their relationship too. In fact, she actually chose him over me to cuddle up with while watching tv the other night. At least she did until he made a big deal out of it and annoyed her. Then she was right back in my lap (=

I think pretty much everyone knows that I am now working as a real licensed RN at Arkansas Children's Hospital now. I work on a general medicine floor, which means I get to see a little bit of everything. Our unit is mostly focused on babies to age 3, but sometimes we get kids a little bit older. Other than the adjustment to working nights I am so in love with my new job. It can be really stressful, tiring, and sad, but for the most part it is just completely rewarding, interesting, and fun. I absolutely love working with the kids! I can't imagine that I will ever work a shift where I won't learn something new. I also really like the role that I have in helping to educate the parents. The one major down side is that I feel like I am constantly fighting getting sick. The other nurses on the unit say it takes about 1 year to build up your immunity. I really can not wait for flu/rsv season to be over!

Anyway, there is my little update. Liv and Hyland are geniuses and I love my job!